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Role and year

Product Designer, Creative Director



Logo design

Corporate identity

Branding guidelines

Website design

Platform design

Property Rentals Platform 


Rebca is a proptech startup determined to introduce changes to the real estate industry and property management with unprecedented levels of convenience and transparency of the rental process.


I was responsible for building the brand from the ground up, conducting user research, developing branding and corporate identity, defining creative direction and designing both the landing page and the listings platform.

Case Studies and Prototypes


In this blog post I am going to talk about the process of ideation, conceptualisation, branding and early-stage product development.

I am going to talk about my work at a Vancouver-based proptech startup, that was striving to to improve rental and property management processes. Its ambition was to digitalise and optimise legal agreements and other documentation, as well as to create a better communication system for all the parties involved, such as tenants, property owners, property managers and service providers/vendors (electricians, plumbers, handyworkers, etc.).... Read more

UX Prototype: Tenant journey



UX Prototype: Homeowner journey


Ad placement

UX Prototype: Ad placement flow

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