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Role and year

UX, UI Designer



Developer portal

Production app

Website design

Marketing materials


Interactive Media Technology


VEEPIO SDK or VPKit is a freely-available Software Developer Kit that allows an integration of interactive media technology into native apps. 


I was responsible for improving visual design and user interface of the developer portal and the white label production app. I was playing a supportive role, designing marketing collateral materials, presentations, an icon set, as well as re-structuring and re-designing the landing page.

Developer Portal

VEEPIO Developer Portal is a secure log-in only platform, where users can view live data, manage their apps and user permissions.

Marketing Materials

A range of one-sheet presentations were created for VEEPIO products for marketing and instructional purposes.

VEEPIO Live Demo

Jonathan Ohliger, Founder and CEO, VEEPIO at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation hosted the SPORTS FORWARD

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